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A sales rep and I were making a presentation when our customer raised a pretty basic question. My associate said that I had just asked the same question and it was easy to answer. I never asked this question, since anyone who works here knows the answer. This made me look like a fool. It took all my power not to blurt something out on the spot, but I waited until we were in the car and then told him to never do that again. He told me that I'm overreacting and he was just building a bond with the customer. What do you say?

Not many people are going to buy what your sales associate is saying. While it is important to build a bond with a customer, that bond is premised on trust. By lying during the presentation, your sales associate is not going to be building much of anything, except some animosity from you. It sounds like his real objective was to put himself above you. He should be focusing less on meeting his needs, and more on meeting the customer's needs.

When customers raise questions, the most successful salespeople give honest answers. If other customers have asked similar questions, the salespeople may respond with language that includes the words, "feel," "felt," "found." For example, they may say something like, "I know exactly how you feel. Other customers have felt the same way. Let me tell you what they found."

You showed a great deal of professionalism, maturity, and restraint by holding back your comments until the presentation was completed. However, you should meet with your manager to discuss your associate's little act since it sounds like he is ready for a repeat performance.

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