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Although our company seems to be doing fairly well in these times, it would still not surprise me to see some layoffs. Can you suggest some steps for an employee to take to lower his chances of being laid off?

If you sense that layoffs may be coming soon, there are some key steps that can help shield you from these cuts. Many of these steps should be taken whether layoffs are in the air or not, but they are particularly important during stormier times.

In the first place, you should try to maintain strong ties with the key people in your company, not only including your boss, but other topsiders if possible. Doing some serious relationship-building can definitely help.

You should also be putting in longer hours and volunteering for additional assignments, particularly those that appear to be tough and demanding. Assuming some additional leadership and mentoring responsibilities can help as well.

If there are activities, association memberships, or organizations that can further build your company's image in the community or marketplace, you should pursue them. And, having a solid relationship with some of the customers can help, too.

Try to be thinking about the actual value you add to the company by looking at what you are paid and comparing that with the specific ways in which the company profits by having you on board. Even at this late date, some additional education can be very helpful in this regard. In a word, if you don't add much value, you are likely to be subtracted.

Finally, you should make sure that management knows how valuable you are to the company. If you feel that management would never let you go if they knew what you were doing, then you better let them know right now.

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Posted by Eduardo on 2013-01-21 22:41:20
Everyone feels stress to some dergee. It is important to develop successful coping strategies. This is something we should teach regularly to our kids. Learn to handle stress when we are young in order to deal with it as adults.