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Our manager just purchased and put up several pictures with trite little expressions about perseverance, loyalty, happiness, honesty, and so forth. He thought we would like them, but we are not kids, and these signs seem like such a waste. Should we say something to him?

Sometimes Madison Avenue puts together trite little messages, but over time some of them can work their way into one's unconscious mind and actually have an impact on behavior. The little messages in your office might have absolutely no impact on your behavior, other than to annoy you, or they might give you a surprisingly useful thought, idea, perspective, or strategy.

If you truly find these pictures to be bothersome, you can easily ignore them. They jump out at you right now because they are new and you have not yet become accustomed to them. But, just as other changes in your physical work environment have gradually slipped into the background, these pictures will follow the same path. In a word, you should let them go.

It is important to note that while you and your associates have already been discussing the pictures, you have probably been discussing the specific content as well. It is not an altogether bad thing for employees to be talking about such matters as perseverance, loyalty, happiness, and honesty. Besides, if these traits, and others like them, are truly valued in your organization, there's nothing wrong with that picture at all.

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