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Money Stress Training and Education

I have been told that some of my employees have personal financial problems, especially credit cards that are maxed-out and at high interest rates. These same employees seem very stressed, and I am seeing problems with their work. As their manager, is there anything I can be doing to help them?

You should be given credit for trying to help your employees with their credit. Large numbers of employees today have gotten themselves into a credit card crunch, and studies are already finding that employees' personal financial problems can definitely interfere with their work.

Whenever you see your employees acting counterproductively, you should meet with them to discuss the situation and develop a plan of correction. Their problematic behavior may be due to personal financial matters, or perhaps it is due to something entirely different. Either way, it needs your attention.

If you do find that personal finances are causing at least some of the problems, there are a number of steps you can take. In fact, such actions are being taken in many firms today. For the most part, they focus on personal finance education for the employees through referrals to support organizations, classroom training sessions, and company-sponsored online programs that employees can access on their own.

It is important for employers to take action in this area since the employees' financial problems can be costly for everyone.

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