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My boss just told me that I have too much of my children's artwork in my office, and I should take some of it down. I don't want to remove it. Having their work around me makes me feel good, and my children love it when they visit. How would you suggest I handle this?

It is important to avoid painting yourself into a corner on this issue, as there is a standard of reasonableness that needs to be applied on both sides. On the one hand, it is important for your manager to focus on the big picture rather than on the children's pictures. Most employees put some personal touches in their offices, and employers are typically glad that they do so. At the same time, having your children's artwork in your office can mean having a few of their strategically-placed artistic creations, or it can mean that your office resembles a preschool classroom at the end of a rainy week.

At this point, you should literally and figuratively step back and take a look at your office. If your children's creations are in no way interfering with your work, accessibility, concentration, or dealings with the rest of the staff, that is what you should tell your manager. Let him know that having all of this artwork actually contributes to your satisfaction and productivity. He is not likely to insist that you remove something that makes you more effective on the job.

At the same time, when it comes to decorating, there is truth to the adage that less is more. If you see some areas where the collection could be thinned out a bit, it would probably be an artful move to do so.

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