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I have always been told that it is important to be persistent when looking for a job, so I usually send my resume several times for the same job. Some of my friends say itís a waste, but I think that my interest and tenacity might cause an employer to think twice about me. What do you think?

Whether itís a good idea or a terrible idea, submitting your resume multiple times for the same job is not going to hurt you. Unfortunately, the odds are that it is not going to help you either.

It is possible that you originally submitted your resume and it was lost or never received by the right person. Or, perhaps there is a new screener who finds your newly-submitted resume to be appealing. However, the most likely outcome is that it will go unread because it is a resubmission.

If you are interested in increasing the likelihood of actually having your resume reread, you should try to entice the screener with new information. If you are emailing your resume, you can try adding something catchy to the subject line, especially if you have received a special honor, designation, or promotion. And no matter how you submit your resume, be sure to highlight any such changes in your one-page cover letter.

If you find that you are doing more resubmitting than submitting, it is probably time to step back and take a look at your resume, cover letter, network, and job search strategies and objectives. It is important to be persistent, but it is important to be realistic, too.

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