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I lost my job a few months ago, and I have been temping since then. I am now a temp for a good company, and I like this job. Are there some ways to persuade the company to hire me for this position?

A great deal depends on why the company has this temp position in the first place. Perhaps there is only a temporary need for the kind of work you are doing, and when you are done, the position is done. Or, maybe you are filling-in for a person who is on leave, and when he or she is ready to return, your role will end. However, perhaps the company is looking for a regular employee for this position, and you are in the equivalent of an audition.

Importantly, no matter why this position is open, you should do your very best. Be prompt, efficient, friendly, and proactive in carrying out your responsibilities. Do not be shy about asking your manager if this position is available on a longer-term basis, and clearly express your interest in remaining with the company.

If there is a human resources department, you should meet with the representative and not only let him or her know of your interest in this job, but also about other skills and abilities that you possess. Your current position may indeed be temporary, but if you establish yourself as a good worker, let significant others know about your skills, and indicate your interest in making a full-time commitment to the company, you may have the inside track to remain inside this company.

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