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I have been in the retail industry since 1968. I have only worked for four companies, all in managerial positions, but I cannot find a job. I am registered with all of the major online sites, but I get no calls or emails. How can I find out why? I have rewritten my resume several times, but nothing works.

You mentioned two steps in your search for a job, but a real job search is composed of several steps to be taken every day. Finding the right job is a full-time job.

While it is helpful to be registered with the major search engines and to rewrite your resume, thatís really not enough. You should actively scan job listings not only for retail management positions, but for other types of managerial positions where your skills, experience, and knowledge might apply. Try to position yourself as a manager, and not only as a retail manager.

It is a good idea for you to rewrite your resume, but you should also consider having a professional look it over. A few tweaks by a pro could make a real difference, along with a compelling cover letter. You should also look at other resources that can help you find a job, such as your network, associations, trade show meetings, support groups, employment agencies, trade magazines, newspapers offline and online, and job fairs, to name but a few.

It can also help if you take some business courses or attend some seminars, especially in leadership or technology. These can build your skills, network, and marketability, as well as your confidence.

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