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I cannot get my managerís attention. When I meet in his office, he is on his Bluetooth and using his computer. If itís not that, he is taking phone calls and even talking with people who drop by his office. What can I do to have an actual conversation with him?

Whether your manager knows it or not, his seemingly open and accessible communication style is undercutting communication. The reason is that his employees are likely become so frustrated and annoyed when they try to communicate with him that they avoid interacting with him altogether.

In order to increase the likelihood of actual communication with your manager, one step is to try to determine the time of day when he is least likely to get interruptions, and then set your meetings during those periods. If you meet in his office, suggest that he sit down face-to-face with you, rather than from behind his desk. You should also try to meet with him in your office or offsite, such as at a restaurant. With these approaches, his cell phone may continue to be a source of interruptions, but at least the computer time and drop-inís will drop off.

You should also consider a more direct approach by telling him that you have a very important matter that requires his full attention. And when you meet with him, you should also refrain from speaking until he has focused his attention on you. After all, when it comes to your current meetings with him, you simply cannot go on meeting like this.

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