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Training and Education

We have previously implemented many training programs and have more planned for this year. For some reason, our employees are resistant to them. The programs are excellent, and we are wondering how to build enthusiasm.

You may have an incredible training program on nuclear physics, but if you are running an insurance agency, there's not going to be a lot of enthusiasm. In a word, there are plenty of excellent programs available, but the key is to have programs that are excellent for your employees.

Any training program you implement should be designed to meet the needs of your employees as well as your company at large, and this means starting with a thorough needs analysis. This type of analysis is typically based on observations, surveys, critical incidents, and employee inputs. In fact, when employees are given a chance to present their suggestions about training needs, they are far more likely to be enthusiastic about the training itself.

It will also be helpful to look at your earlier training programs, particularly in terms of their content, method of presentation, feedback mechanisms, practice opportunities, and transferability to the job. If the employees had some negative experiences with past training in your company, they are not going to be particularly enthusiastic about any new programs. If you evaluated the previous programs, review the findings and let the employees know how much better the new training will be.

Unfortunately, there are many training programs in which the only point the employees learn is that they never want to go through such training again.

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