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I have an employee who does a good job on the parts of his job that he enjoys, but he puts off the work that is less enjoyable and then does not handle it particularly well. We have gone over this, but he hasn't changed. Do you have any suggestions?

It sounds like you have an employee who is a pro at procrastination. It is the hallmark of the card-carrying procrastinator to complete enjoyable work first, while putting off the less-satisfying tasks for some other undefined time.

Although people can easily get away with this style when handling chores around the house, it creates major problems on the job. After all, employees are hired to do their entire job, not just part of it.

While it was important for you to go over this problem with your employee, now is the time to provide him with some direct guidance, particularly in terms of establishing priorities and objectives, clarifying performance standards, and organizing his work day. You should also consider monitoring his performance more carefully and providing him with additional coaching along the way.

At the same time, take a careful look at the parts of the job that are not receiving adequate attention from him. If they are truly essential, be sure that he understands the rationale behind them. And, if they are not essential, there should be no procrastination in removing them from the job description.

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