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How am I supposed to deal with an employee who keeps getting other people to do his work? He is friendly and likable, and the other employees want to help him, but this is interfering with their work and with coordination in the department. I have gone over the problems with him, but he keeps doing this.

Things can get very quirky when faced with an employee whose objective at work is to get others to do his work. It sounds like this employee could be rated well above average for his persuasive skills, sociability, and even creativity, but things definitely slip when it comes to such matters as initiative, drive, and performance.

The real issue is that you have an employee who is failing to do his job and is also interfering with departmental coordination and productivity. Your other employees may like him or even feel sorry for him, and he makes it difficult for them to say "no."

Now is the time to do more than go over this issue with him. He needs to be given clear information regarding the individual performance standards for his work and the consequences associated with inducing others to do it.

The problem may be that his present position does not adequately suit his skills, aptitudes, and motivations. Perhaps a position in sales or customer service would suit him better. Either way, he needs to understand that if continues to have others do his job, he is not going to continue to have his job.

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