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What do you do when you interview an applicant and everything seems fine, but the pit of your stomach tells you that you should not hire him? I can't figure out what it is, but something tells me that this applicant is not giving me the full story.

When a job applicant gives you that queasy feeling, you need to examine the information that he or she may have been dispensing, but you also need to examine yourself. Perhaps your antennae are alerting you to something that would instantly disqualify this individual. On the other hand, perhaps the applicant unconsciously reminds you of someone whom you do not particularly like.

Schedule the applicant to come in for at least one more interview. This can help you get beyond some of the superficialities that may have dominated the initial interview. This would also be a good time for some of your associates to interview the applicant, both individually and as a group.

At the same time, try to look inside yourself and see if there may be anything that may be distorting your view of this applicant. This means taking an honest look for any possible biases, stereotypes, or prejudice that may be rattling around in your head.

If the applicant's references check out well, and the other members of the team feel positively about him, and he has passed all of the other screening criteria, then you should seriously consider hiring him. After all, there will come a point when you screen him so much that he will start to get a bad feeling in his stomach about all of you.

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