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Family Business Bragging Know It All's Feedback Assertiveness

One of the owner's teenage sons is going to be working here this summer, so his father had him spend a day on the job with us during his spring break. All I can say is that he was the most condescending, arrogant, know-it-all that I have ever met. Is it worth mentioning this to the owner or just forget about it?

Although the owner's son may well be a card-carrying spoiled brat, you could be spoiling any number of opportunities for yourself by approaching the owner with this news. By unilaterally expressing your disdain to papa at this point, you gain very little, while the potential loss can be tremendous.

The fact is that you have only spent one day with junior, and anything can happen between now and summer that may prevent junior from even thinking about the company during those lazy, hazy days. If he is truly as spoiled as you claim, he may well be given some other less challenging summer activity.

If summer approaches and so does junior, you should be on the lookout for ways to keep your contact with him to a minimum. And, if his antics start to become bothersome or disruptive, perhaps you and some of your peers should have a little sit-down meeting with him. And, if his arrogance still speaks louder than his words, then it is time to meet with papa.

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