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One of the reasons why I like working here is that the company has many classes and seminars, and I am part of a program to build my supervisory skills. I was very upset when I heard that this program is going to be put on hold for economic reasons. Is this a common situation, and what suggestions do you have?

When companies feel an economic squeeze, it is not uncommon for them to look for areas that can be squeezed a little tighter. In this scenario, non-revenue producing departments quickly fall under the microscope, and any number of their functions can be dissected in order to cut costs.

Although you indicate that one of the most satisfying aspects of working for this company is the training, presumably there are other important sources of satisfaction on the job as well. At this point, it may be helpful for you to focus more on them, as well as on the fact that current research is finding that employees are receiving some of their most effective training from co-workers and supervision. This means that as you interact with them, remember that they can be very important teachers.

In addition, your company is not actually responsible for your growth and development. That is your responsibility. Since you enjoy learning more about supervision, you should consider taking some supervisory training or certification programs on your own. There are all sorts of courses and programs available in local colleges and universities, private training organizations, and online. And, don't forget that libraries, bookstores, newspapers, and magazines can provide you with super information on supervision.

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