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I just started an intern job and I hate it. I am given all the low level garbage work, even though I am a college student. No one asks me for my advice, and all they do is order me around. I don't see how I will last all summer. Do you have any advice?

In the first place, the word "intern" is derived from the French word for "inmate," so that should automatically tell you something about what you have gotten yourself into. By definition, these jobs are not regarded as the greatest jobs in the world, but they can be a great way to break into an industry or field that interests you.

After all, your internship can provide you with hands-on experience in the industry, an opportunity to build your network of friends and contacts, an opportunity to catch the eye of someone who can help your career, a chance to see if the industry or company is right for you, and some great stories.

One way to help turn your internship into a better experience is to increase your contact with your fellow interns, as they can be an excellent source of support, strength, and fun. In addition, do not be shy about taking on more challenging and rewarding responsibilities, particularly those that could get you some topside attention.

Importantly, since you just started the internship, give it some time. Your internship can be a great learning experience, and it can help set the stage for a great earning experience.

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