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My boss is five months behind on my annual performance evaluation. I have sent him several reminders, but none has worked. He told me he's waiting for his boss's approval. Just last week, I reminded him again via e-mail and copied his boss. Neither one replied. I want my salary increase and I want to know how I'm doing on the job. Can you give me a suggestion?

The fact that your boss is giving you the brush off indicates that he needs to brush up on his managerial skills. If his skills were up to par, you would already know how you are doing because he would be providing you with feedback and guidance throughout the review period.

One approach that may help you lock in a date for your annual performance review is to use a sales mode when trying to set it up. The first step is to contact your boss when he is feeling upbeat and positive, preferably by telephone or in person.

Once you make contact, exchange some friendly banter and then give him a couple of dates and times that you are available for the review, and ask which one works for him. If neither works, give him a couple of additional open dates and ask if they work or if there is one he would like to suggest. As a side note, although your raise is five months late, you should still raise the point that you expect it to be provided retroactively.

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