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If my boss is on the Internet when I walk into his office, he immediately clears the screen. It makes me wonder what he is doing. Everyone's very busy here, and it's not fair if he's out there playing games or sitting in chat rooms. Should I say something to his boss?

At this point, you should delete that thought and continue doing your work. You can consider going up the ladder in situations where you have tried to resolve a problem with your boss, but he has steadfastly ignored you as well as the problem. In the current situation, all that appears to be happening is that he is on the Internet and does not want you to know why.

There can be any number of reasons that explain his behavior. On the one hand, he might be using the Internet to order year-end gifts for the employees, and he wants to keep them a secret. On the other hand, there may be some highly questionable reasons for his Internet activity.

The real issue is whether his actions are creating problems in your department. For example, if you have real difficulties accessing him, which does not sound like the case right now, you and your associates should consider discussing the accessibility issue with him, and then with his manager if necessary.

At the same time, if he is wasting time on the Internet, top management may already know. Many companies are monitoring employee online usage, and they are quick to take action when online activities get out of line.

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