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Stress Training and Education

To deal with the stresses and anxieties that many of us are sensing, management brought in an expert. We thought this was a good idea, but all this expert did was lecture us. Granted he had a few insights, but most of us ended up feeling dissatisfied. What is your opinion of this program?

It sounds like management had its heart in the right place, even if the expert they selected was rather out of place. During these trying times, it is a good idea for companies to bring in experts to help the employees cope.

However, employees should not need to be subjected to a lecture, even if there are a few insights sprinkled in the mix. At best, the lecture should be an introduction to the program, followed by a real opportunity for the employees to ask questions and express some of their thoughts.

The best way for people to deal with the stresses of this period is to talk about what they are feeling. This can be done with experts at work, as well as with friends, family, members of the clergy, or various health care professionals. When employees simply sit and listen to a lecture from an expert, the only person who really gets the benefit of drawing out and expressing personal feelings is the expert himself, and it seems sort of silly for a company to pay for that.

If your company is going to try again, the best step is to thoroughly check an expert out before asking him or her in.

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