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I just interviewed a male applicant who wore a wedding ring, but I am certain he is not married. He has jumped around in several jobs, and perhaps he thought that wearing a ring would make him look more stable and settled. I thought it was rather deceptive, and I am wondering if I should drop him as an applicant.

If you are focusing on wedding rings during the interview process, it appears that you are wedded to an outdated and risky method of screening applicants. All of your decision- making in the hiring process should be premised on job-related questions, and there is no way that a person's marital status or jewelry choice fits into the formula.

The most important piece of data about this applicant is that he has "jumped around in several jobs." Concerns about his work experience, expertise, or short tenure with numerous previous employers are the kinds of factors to consider in determining whether to keep this individual in your employment pipeline.

There is no reason to make any assumptions about this applicant's desire to wear a wedding ring, since it is totally irrelevant in the hiring process. The assumption about increased stability among married employees is your personal bias, as there is nothing to support this belief in the workplace.

The best approaches in interviewing include a thorough look at the applicant's work history and related competency. However, that thorough look does not include the applicant's ring finger.

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