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The woman I report to, a vice president, is one of the cruelest people I have ever met! I am one of two managers who report to her, and she constantly belittles both of us in public, and she will literally attack over trifling matters. We have gone to senior management and to the Director of Human Resources, but to no avail. She and the HR Director are close personal friends, so that made things even worse. I am looking for another job, but I would like to know what to do in the interim.

It sounds like you report to someone who put the vice in vice president. Words like "belittle" and "attack" are not exactly what people are looking for in a boss. Since it sounds like you have taken the key actions to handle this situation, only to find a lack of response from senior management and reprisals from Human Resources, it does sound like it is time to seek greener pastures.

One of the most obvious steps during this period is to try to maintain a high level of personal productivity. This will help keep the vice president at bay, and it will at least give you some job satisfaction. It will also provide the veep with less negative data in the event a potential employer calls for a reference on you.

You should also be getting your resume into shape, building your network, setting your goals, and then starting the actual search. In this economy, cast your nets wide and use a combination job search tools that includes newspapers, magazines, Internet applications, support groups, former co-workers, and search firms.

And, be sure to check out your next boss at least as carefully as he or she checks you out.

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