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I have a boss who can hardly teach me anything, but he takes all the credit for what I do. He threatens to get rid of me if I cannot figure something out and then ask him questions. Is it justifiable for him to take credit and provide no guidance?

A. If there were three strikes in management, your boss would be out. Bosses today should play the role of coach, but your boss teaches you nothing. Strike one. Today's best bosses look for opportunities to provide their employees with credit when due, while your boss takes credit for what you do. Strike two. And, finally, bosses should be treating their employees with respect and trust, while yours treats you with threats. Strike three. In a word, there is no justification for his antics. They are typical of a boss who has minimal management and leadership skills. Nonetheless, you should first mention your specific concerns to him. For example, the next time that he goes into his credit-stealing mode, discuss it with him as soon as possible. Try to let him see how much more successful he and the department will be if he were to provide credit when due and stop the threats. If you find that he is incapable of making this adjustment, then perhaps there is someone in senior management who can give him the push that he needs.

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