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About a year ago, the company president's assistant was fired because she would yell back when being screamed at and cussed at by him. I schedule his meetings, and I too get yelled at and cussed at. If he makes mistakes, he yells at me. We are a small office and there is no human resources professional. What do I do?

Your company president doesn't understand that he should swear by his employees, not at them. There is absolutely no excuse for his outrageous behavior, and you should not put up with it.

If you simply lie down and take this abuse, there is no way that it is going to stop. However, you should not lash back at him when he is in his yelling mode. All he will do is kick his tantrum into high gear, and who knows what else he might kick.

Try to discuss the situation with him during one of the periods of calm between his storms. Be assertive and describe his offending behavior, let him know how you feel about it, and let him see the specific problems it is creating. Then tell him that you want it to stop.

No matter how he reacts, let's see what happens the next time he gets upset. If the yelling and swearing continue, you should not. Life is too short, and so is his temper.

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