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Last year I gave notice to the company where I had been for 11 years. I stayed on for three extra months until they found the right person to replace me. During this time, I suffered a severe medical condition which required surgery and a long recovery. I am now searching for a new job and am unsure how to explain the break in my employment history. My previous company will provide excellent references, but I am afraid I will be passed over, even though I am highly qualified.

It would be an unhealthy move for a company to pass on you because you were sick. In the first place, there are laws today that call for companies to make accommodations to applicants who have various disabilities. This means that even if you had not completely recovered, a company could easily be overlooking the law if it overlooked you.

Secondly, you are obviously a skilled and well-qualified applicant whose past performance can be verified by strong references from your previous employer. Your proven expertise is something that would appeal to any rational employer.

If a prospective employer asks about the gap in your work record, you can indicate that you were sick for a period of time, but you are now fully able to handle the job. If you make up some fancy story to cover a gap in your work history, rest assured that the prospective employer will find out, and then you will be history.

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