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Can my boss come up to me and tell me that she has received complaints about me, and when I ask who from, she says she can't tell me. I only want to know who from so I can change this behaviour.

In many situations, when employees complain about coworkers and ask for anonymity, their names are not presented to those whom they are accusing. The idea behind this approach is to create a workplace in which employees feel free to voice concerns about the actions of their coworkers without having to go through the trauma of a face-to-face encounter or having to endure subtle or overt reprisals as a result.

At this point, the best step is to listen carefully to what your manager says regarding the complaints that were voiced against you. If there is even a hint of truth to them, you should take them to heart, let your manager know that you’ve heard the message, and then take specific action to be sure that you eliminate the behaviors in question.

At the same time, if you listen to the complaints and you’re fully convinced that they’re untrue, you should not simply deny them, since doing so provides no solid reason for your manager to believe you over your coworkers, Rather, if possible, provide clear and specific facts and documentation which definitively prove that the accusations are false. Hopefully, both of these strategies will end the complaints. And either way, you should refrain from trying to find out who voiced the complaints or taking any kind of action against possible complainants, unless you want to see even more serious complaints.

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