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My boss has recently put me on an action plan to assist me in sales improvement. When I don't make sakes, she calls me into her office at odd times (esp. when I'm very busy), then puts hard pressure in me by saying that I'm on the "chopping block." She recently told me that I need a "fire under my ass." Today she told me that everywhere I go there is drama and blamed me for the internet malfunction when it was CLEARLY NOT my fault. Then she told me to go and pick up food for our entire office with her credit card and never offered me any food but expected me to drive and pick it up. She wrote me up for tailgating someone out of the garage saying she's "never had an employee like this." She told me that I can't fax documents any longer because of the internet, and one of my favorites is that she doesn't allow me to have my office door closed at all--- not even when I'm on a conference call. Oh yeah... She also told me that another employee has had complaints about her and that's she's "crazy or probably going through menopause." I want to notify HR, but I'm so afraid. She warned me that if I don't back her up or go against her I will regret it. What should I do?

Your boss is engaging in classical bullying behaviors, and every day on the job is going to get worse unless you take action. She is abusive, threatening, intimidating, insulting, and controlling, and such behaviors are way out of line. And by the way, threatening to terminate employees is not going to increase sales. Such antics generate nothing but resentment, resistance, and rebellion.

This business of sending you out for food and treating everyone but you is simply more abuse, and it is the height of chutzpah for her to then write you up for the way you drive. Culminating all of this is her threat to get back at you if you go against her.

However, unless you go against her, youíll be going against yourself, and that is bound to do more damage. You can consider going to her manager, but if this person already knows about these behaviors, thatís a bad sign. And if he or she doesnít know about them, thatís a bad sign, too. As a result, you should go to senior manager and/or to HR about this matter and lay out the truth. If management takes no steps to correct this situation, you should seriously consider taking steps of your own, out the door.

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