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My boss just quit. I was hoping to move into management, and I figured that this would be my time. I was surprised when I heard the company is going outside to find a replacement. When I spoke with the general manager, he said he does not think I am ready for management. Is he actually saying I should look for another job?

When this topsider said that you are not ready for management, that is probably what he meant. Rather than interpreting this his remark as a subtle suggestion for you to leave, you should interpret it as an obvious suggestion to get yourself ready for management.

Moving into management today is not a ritual that occurs as a result of a vacancy and a loyal staffer. Rather, to be ready for management, you should look carefully at your current knowledge and skill mix and the possibility that you may need some upgrading.

One key step is for you to meet with your boss and jointly establish more of a developmental program with him. This should include specific educational goals, as well as the kinds of additional experiences that would help set the foundation for you to move into management.

In a word, clarify the steps that you need to take to be ready for management, and then take them. Remember that most managers want their employees to be successful, as this makes their lives a lot easier, and makes their promotability a lot easier, too.

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