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I have been at this company for a year, and there is one woman who still will not speak to me, does not respond when I ask her questions, and will not acknowledge my presence in a room. I am friendly to all, and I have tried asking her if everything is okay, but she just grunts and shrugs. What can I do?

The best way to approach this woman is not to approach her at all. You've tried, and it's been thrown back in your face. You are friendly with everyone else, and, for whatever reason, she has decided that she does not want to be friendly with you. It's her problem, and her loss.

Now, if you need to have more interaction with her because of your job responsibilities, or if she is taking active steps to interfere with your work, that is another story, and it would probably call for a visit with your manager.

At this point, you can throw an occasional hello her way and see if has decided that you might be worthy of a sentence. Other than that, if you do not need to deal with her, you should stop wanting to deal with her. By focusing on her, all you will do is get yourself upset and distracted.

It makes far more sense to focus on the satisfying aspects of your job. This can include your work responsibilities, opportunities for growth and achievement, and dealings with your fellow personable employees. When it comes to dealing with this co-worker who grunts and shrugs, just shrug it off.

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Posted by on 2011-03-11 15:38:27
Presently, in this kind of situation. I'm the one that "clams up". She has a personality that will not accept the private, well-timed, critism. I have given up attempting to inform her of any constructive critism. My boss is the sort that avoids confrontation, but likes money. She is the sort of person that can't listen, because she's too busy screaming and explaining away, her reasons for her actions. I have dealt with her "stuff" for a long time now. I saw your book on her counter top for all our customers too see. This is how I checked into your site. My last complaint to my boss, which was this past Saturday, was that I really didn't want to be there. I was only 10 min. late; 3 min. away. I was so unhappy with the interaction with her, day-to-day, that I was willing to give up a days wage. And I knew that my boss wouldn't intervene.