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I am an over 50-year-old woman, and my boss is an alcoholic. Some days he can be normal, but on most days he yells, screams, and curses at me for no reason. I am scared to death of him. I have been on the job for over two years, but I cannot tolerate his behavior any more. I have sent out resumes and received no replies. I am discouraged. What can you suggest?

You work for a hostile and belligerent bully, and your departure is long overdue. By putting up with his outrageous behavior for over two years, there may be some co-dependency in the working relationship, but frankly that is history. And, that's exactly what this job should be, effective immediately.

As for what you should do, merely sending out resumes in this economy is not going to cut it. You need to put together a complete job search program, and then carry out this search just as you would carry out your daily job responsibilities.

That means that your job search is actually a full time activity, from the moment you get up until the end of the day. It should be composed of a broad range of strategies, including the use of networking, job search counselors, and any number of additional resources that can help in the process, such as newspapers, the Internet, magazines, agencies, and the like.

Be sure that your skills are current, particularly in terms of facility with computers. If you need more training, this is the time to do it. Obviously, you are not a quitter, and that characteristic will help you find and keep the job you deserve.

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