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Job Applicants Finding a Job

I have every single qualification that a company required in its ad for a manager, and I sent them a cover letter and electronic resume, but I heard nothing. I sent a follow-up note and even left a voice-mail message for the person doing the search, but I cannot get a reply. I really think I would be a good match with this company. Is there anything else I should do?

Now that there is more labor in the labor market, many companies are receiving masses of resumes when they run an ad, but they only contact the applicants that interest them and ignore the rest. The fact that this upsets applicants, generates ill will, wastes time with unwanted phone calls, undercuts the company's image, and may ultimately come back to bite the company in the future is completely ignored.

Nonetheless, if you continue to feel this is the company for you, there is nothing to lose by following up again. After all, there are many cases where unwavering persistence has led to employment.

Since you have only been able to leave a message for the person who is conducting the search, try calling early in the morning or late in the day. If you still find that you only hear this individual's voice via voice-mail, then you should call the main operator and ask for the names of other people to contact, including some in senior management.

If you continue to find that people at this company ignore you, then it is time for you to ignore them and to find a company that is not acting as ignorantly.

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