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The manager of our department does not like to hire experienced people. He says they have to be retrained and still end up doing things their old way. Although I wouldn't tell him, I think he's wrong. Does his approach make sense to you?

Your manager's approach raises all sorts of questions. In fact, the first question is that if you disagree with him, why can't you tell him? The answer, obviously, is that he is a boss who likes everything done his way.

The problem is that by refusing to hire trained personnel, your entire company is missing out on new ideas and creativity that come from having employees with a broader range of experience and expertise. Granted that there will be more questions for the manager to answer, that merely means that there will be more thinking. Some departments have twenty employees and well over a hundred years of experience, while other departments have twenty employees and five year's of experience. Which sounds like the more high-powered and balanced team to you?

And further, your boss's approach can easily be used as smokescreen to eliminate older applicants. By doing so, he is overlooking some of the most valuable resources in the labor market. And further, such an approach cannot only engender bad will, but some claims against the company as well.

In a word, your manager would be well-advised to rethink this one. But, who's going to tell him?

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