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I am graduating from college in June, and I am trying to find a marketing job, but I haven't found anything. There's not much interviewing going on at my school, and I'm starting to get nervous. What do you suggest for new grads?

With the changes in the economy, today's graduating seniors are in the same boat as everyone else who is looking for a job in this stormy economy. You should approach the job search process just as you would approach a very demanding course. It is going to take time, study, planning, and hard work. The course is called, "Find a Job," and you are taking it pass-fail.

When looking for a job, the first place to look is actually at yourself. You are interested in a marketing position, but there probably are other work areas that may interest you. Don't forget that many successful marketing people started out in sales, and there are still plenty of sales jobs around.

You also need a formal search plan that includes networking with a wide range of friends and contacts, Internet searches, and checking through newspapers, magazines, and journals. And, don't give up on your college's placement center, as there are still companies that recruit actively on campuses.

In addition, be sure to check out some of the sectors that seem to be doing more hiring these days, such as health care, construction, pharmaceuticals, and education. Most school systems are always looking for great teachers, and this could be a great opportunity for you and for the college graduates of the future.

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