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I met with my manager to explain the reasons why one of my projects was not going well, and he cut me off and said he was tired of my excuses. I said these are facts, not excuses. He said I was playing semantics and then blamed everything on me. The meeting soon ended with nothing resolved. What should I do now?

When a person has the title of manager, he or she is supposed to manage, rather than disparage. For some reason, your manager is refusing to provide the coaching, guidance, and support that your situation requires.

On the one hand, it is possible that he is a bully who knows he has not adequately managed this situation, so he is playing the intimidation card. At the same time, if you have had a string of failures, your manager may now be in the early stages of writing you off. You are in the best position to understand his possible motives.

As for the issue regarding facts vs. excuses, the answer is strictly one of individual interpretation. You may cite facts that you believe excuse the problems you faced, and he can look at the exact same facts and see them as obstacles you should have surmounted.

You should put together a plan to complete this project, and be sure to include objectives, priorities, strategies, and deadlines. Meet with your manager and present this to him for discussion and agreement. There will be no excuse for him to react negatively. And that's a fact.

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