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I am 52, a senior in college, and will be looking for a career shortly. My degree in Communication is general, but I have a background in other areas. Having experienced the corporate culture for a few years, I found it terribly disturbing because of my values. Do you have any advice on how to choose a career?

Since you have corporate experience and are completing a degree at 52, it sounds like you are pursuing a second career. Whether pursuing a first or second career, it is important to pause for a second and take a careful look at yourself, since you are the best source for your career advice.

The first place to look is at your past experience. You mentioned that your values conflicted with the corporate environment. That can mean many things, and it will be important for you to identify the specific factors in your earlier work experiences that were so disturbing to you, and then screen them out of your current job and career search.

At the same time, look back over the years and try to identify what you really enjoyed in your work and non-work activities and pursuits. For example, did you enjoy people contact, working alone, helping, leading, teaching, creating, or working with your hands? Look carefully at your hobbies, as they too can give you a good deal of insight into your needs and the activities that truly satisfy them. The more your job fulfills these needs, the more satisfying your career.

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