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When I apply for jobs that are listed online, I figure that there are numerous applicants, so I send in my resume several times. One of my friends in human resources says this is a waste of time, but I think that this shows persistence. Do you think it's worth doing?

Your persistence should be apparent in your resume, and not in the number of times you send it. If you want to email it numerous times, it's your call, but doing so is not likely to lead to a different outcome.

When your resume first arrived, it was probably reviewed and set aside because of a less-than-perfect match between your skills and the job specifications. Sending it again does not change anything. In fact, companies can easily see how many times a resume has come from a given applicant simply by sorting the responses by sender. As a result, if a resume has already been reviewed, then a second or third or tenth copy may not even be opened.

If you have new and important information in your resume, then you should definitely reapply. In such a case, be sure to make a special note to this effect on the subject line.

At the same time, if you simply feel better sending your resume many times, there is nothing to lose. It costs nothing, and there may even be an ever-so-slight chance that it will be opened. Nonetheless, your human resources friend is right on this one, and perhaps he or she can help you in other aspects of your job search as well.

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