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I have been with this company for over two years, and my manager has been in my office only once. I rarely see him in the halls, and all meetings are held in his office. When we meet, he listens to me and gives me feedback and advice. I just don't like this power thing of having to meet in his office. Is there anything I can say to change this?

If your main complaint with your manager is focused on the locale of your meetings rather than their content or frequency, you should probably table your concerns.

You have not really mentioned any solid business-related reasons for wanting to move the meetings to your office. For example, if your manager tends to take phone calls or work on his computer during the meetings in his office, then it would be worthwhile to try to persuade him to meet in your office.

At this point, it sounds like you are focusing on what you call his "power thing," while your manager's reasons for meeting in his office could be due to any number of other factors, such as convenience, comfort, time management, or faster access to needed information.

However, it sounds like your manager is not spending enough time on the floors. For you to have any chance of changing this behavior, you need to let him see how he can profit by getting out of his office. With some tenacious hunting, you should be able to find something that literally floors him.

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