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My manager gives me compliments about my work whenever I see him, especially in meetings and in front of my co-workers. I work hard and take pride in my work, but I'm a little embarrassed by all of this attention, and some of my co-workers have made comments about it. What should I say to my manager about these compliments?

If you are wondering what to say to a manager who gives you numerous compliments, there are two words that work very well: thank you. Your manager is obviously pleased with your work, and he most likely wants you to know it, while simultaneously letting your fellow employees see what can happen if they perform like you. The reason your co-workers are tossing barbs at you is that they wish they were on the receiving end of the stream of managerial praise. Your co-workers' jealousy is no reason to change your behavior or even consider approaching your manager to request fewer public displays of appreciation. The best step is for you to continue to work hard and be as productive as possible. The recognition you are receiving is one of the fruits of your labor. If any of your fellow employees want some of these good tidings bestowed upon them, they need not look too far for a role model.

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