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I conducted a one-hour training session for my employees, and I thought it went very well. Everybody participated, and their comments seemed to show that they were learning and building their skills. After the session, I was speaking with one of the supervisors who attended, and she said the session was a "big bore." I was surprised and a little insulted, but I took the comment in stride and did not challenge her. I am puzzled over what to do with a comment like hers.

A supervisor who tells you that your training session was a "big bore" is actually in need of a training session that focuses on interpersonal communication. She may have every right to feel that a lecture on the history of lint would have been more interesting, but she is way off base by launching an insult in your face. Although you did the right thing by taking her comment in stride and refraining from any kind of confrontation, you could have asked her why she felt the session was such a waste. By gathering additional information, you would have been able to identify aspects of the program that were uninteresting to her, and then used her comments to make some course corrections if warranted. On a broader basis, it is always helpful to wrap up a seminar by asking the attendees to complete a brief evaluation form. This is an excellent way to continuously upgrade your programs, as well as help you truly understand if your program is a big bore or a big score.

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