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It bothers me that my boss always brings his wife to work-related conferences and meetings. It isn't that he just brings her along on trips. He actually brings her into the events. I don't think it is very professional. I thought of mentioning my concerns to his boss. Do you have any advice?

Although you believe it is no honeymoon to have your boss attend business conferences and meetings with his wife in tow, there are a number of factors to consider before taking any action. In the first place, although this practice does not sound professional, you are not the only one who knows about it. If it were creating real problems, it probably would have been stopped already. There can actually be any number of reasons for her to be there. For example, perhaps she has experience in the industry and plays a useful role at these meetings, such as through networking or analyzing information. Or, maybe there are medical reasons for her to be there. If you go over your boss's head, you are likely to be asked if you discussed the matter with your boss. You might also find that senior management is aware of the situation and even approved it. Depending upon her behavior at these events, you and some of your associates could try to gently broach the subject with your boss, but this is likely to be an extremely difficult conversation. In the final analysis, if the presence of your boss's wife at these events in just vaguely bothersome, you should not bother with it at all.

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