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My manager gives me very vague instructions on projects, and he is never around for the clarification. He ignores my phone calls, and if I send him an email, he responds by implying that his instructions are clear and obvious to anyone with a brain. What can I do with a manager like this?

There are some real questions about your manager's abilities, since all he is managing to do is get you upset and confused. In fact, one has to wonder what else he is actually doing.

As a short-term strategy, the next time you receive instructions from him, ask as many questions as possible on the spot. Naturally, some questions will not arise until you are deeper into the project, and since your manager does not respond appropriately to such questions, you should change your email strategy.

Instead of sending him questions, send him answers. Let him know how you are interpreting his instructions and how you plan to proceed on the project from this point unless you hear differently from him. With this approach, he has to either follow-up with a clarification of his instructions and expectations, or else accept the fact that he is implicitly blessing the approach you are taking.

Unfortunately, there is nothing else about working with this manager that is a blessing, so you should keep your eyes open for other internal and external opportunities that will be literally and figuratively more uplifting for your career.

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