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Flattery Recognition Meetings

I am a new manager. At a recent management meeting, the company president came in to make a few remarks. He is not an expert on the issues we were discussing, and his suggestions were useless. However, that did not stop three of the attendees from telling him that his ideas are brilliant. It is not my style to blatantly flatter anyone, and I'm wondering how necessary it really is.

In most workplaces, presidents prefer employees who deliver results over employees who deliver praise. Granted there are some topsiders who may thrive on reinforcement and recognition, most presidents are far more energized by achievement, accomplishment, and measurable success.

Nonetheless, it is possible that your company's president is an individual who needs extra recognition and validation. With some careful observation, you can discern this rather easily. If that is what it takes to succeed in your company, and such behavior conflicts with your style and values, then you have a larger issue to consider.

Fortunately, the more likely scenario is that the employees who are dishing out extra servings of recognition are the same ones who are not measuring up when it comes to performance. Most company presidents can instantly spot this type of flattery, and it can end up causing the flatterer more harm than good.

The best approach is to forget about trying to compliment the president. Focus your attention on performing with excellence in all aspects of your job. This will be personally rewarding and motivational for you, and you might even receive a compliment from the president.

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