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I am a 55-year-old female, and I heard that I would have a better chance of getting a job if I looked younger. I am considering having some minor surgery, and I was wondering if you think that doing so actually helps make someone more marketable.

There are plenty of young people looking for work in the current flooded labor market, and it is entirely possible that you could go through a whole surgical ordeal, only to look like an unemployed younger person instead of an unemployed baby boomer. Realistically, if the operation is a major success, you may look younger, but you are not going to be mistaken for a Generation X'er, even if you use the word, "like," excessively in a job interview.

As a result of the surgery, you may feel better about yourself, and that can help you project more confidence in the interview. In such a scenario, perhaps your change of face may change your prospects of landing a job.

However, you are still talking about an operation, and there are no guarantees of anything. Before spending time and money on surgery, you should also consider spending it on something that may not change your appearance, but may well change your performance, namely education. Your chances of having an employer give you a second glance are often greater if your leadership and technical skills, rather than your face, are at the cutting edge.

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