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The owner's wife just brought in a huge sculpture that she made for the waiting room. We all think it is obnoxious, but we are afraid to say so. Many clients have already made wisecracks about it, but we just smile politely. Should we say something to the owner or just forget about it?

If this huge sculpture is the biggest problem you literally face at work, consider yourself lucky. There are many employees out there who not only look at obnoxious creations but report to them.

If the owner's wife made this statue, and the owner likes it and presumably likes his wife, then the decision is pretty much cast in stone. The best step is to do just what you said and forget about it.

This statue is a recent change in the work environment, so it stands out in every respect. Given some time, changes in the foreground gradually move into the background, and you will ultimately give this statue about as much attention as you give to the noise being made by the air conditioning. Even the wisecracks from the clients are going to wind down over time.

The real risk down the road is if the owner's wife decides this statue needs a companion. Perhaps this is a good time to introduce her to the world of figurines.

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