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Sales and Selling Cell Phones Inconsiderate Actions

We have many vendors stopping by throughout the week, and almost every day, there will be one who has a loud cell phone conversation. This interferes with our receptionist's work, and it is disturbing to other people in the waiting area as well. What's the best way to handle this?

There are increasing numbers of restrictions on cell phone usage in many sites, including automobiles, restaurants, theatres, and medical offices. The list is growing, and there is no reason why your waiting area should not be on it.

This does not mean that you confiscate the user's cell phone and cram it into the shredder, as tempting as that might be. Rather, all you need is a sign that politely asks visitors to please refrain from using their cell phone in the waiting area, and to handle all cell phone calls in the lobby or another appropriate exterior location.

It is particularly surprising to find that your vendors are doing this, since most vendors want to keep their customers happy, and this type of cell phone behavior does not do so.

Have you noticed the credo that many loud business cell phone calls seem to follow? The talker is typically waxing about some big deal, everyone else's mistakes, huge dollars, and the tons of money soon to arrive. You never hear the loud caller say, "I'm sorry," "My mistake," "Thanks, I learned a lot from this."

Either these loud callers are all perfect, or it's perfectly ridiculous to assume that these calls are necessary.

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