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I have an employee whose job includes writing brief reports. He knows how to write, but his work typically has grammatical errors and words used incorrectly. When I ask him about this, he says he thought the computer would correct it, but it doesn't. How do I get him to make more of an effort to write better?

Your employee thought the computer would correct his errors, but many computer programs are knot able to sea miss takes associated with the wrong word. Some programs might put a cute wiggly line under a misused word, but the suggestions to correct it might not be of much help. The software program for this computer did not even use one wiggly line in spite of all the mistakes in this paragraph.

It will be helpful to do more than ask your employee about the problem. He needs to understand that the written assignments he submits to you must be correct, and that means more than passing over the low hurdles posed by a computer's spelling and grammar check. He needs to reread his work carefully and then give it to you.

If he will not do this, then you are dealing with insubordination. And if he cannot do this, then the two of you should sit down and jointly formulate a plan to help him build his writing skills. There are many books and courses that can help.

His response is going to show where he stands on this matter, and you are then either going to see an employee in action or an employee's inaction.

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