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I played a very important role on a redesign of our office over the past ten months. It is finally all done and the general manager called everyone in to thank the people who worked so hard on it. I thought I would be the first one thanked, but I wasn't thanked at all. I'm very upset. What can you suggest?

You inadvertently worked on a thankless task, but it does not have to remain that way. When a general manager misses a golden opportunity to provide well-earned recognition to an employee, there can be any number of explanations.

Perhaps he is a preoccupied visionary who unintentionally leaves some people behind. Or, maybe he was not fully aware of the critical role that you played. However, it is possible, although unlikely, that he is sending you a message.

The best way to find out is to meet with him as soon as possible. Be businesslike, direct, and honest, and tell him that you worked very hard on this project and you were disappointed he thanked everyone but you. The next step is to be quiet.

You are likely to hear a huge apology and an avalanche of thanks, but you might not. Either way, listen carefully to what he says, as his words should have a major impact on your future with the company.

When you work diligently and effectively on a project, it is rewarding to have a manager who sings your praises, since most people do not enjoy being unsung heroes.

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