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I get most of my assignments from my manager, but there is another manager at his senior level who also gives me projects and tasks. Although my manager is satisfied with my work, the other manager is never happy with it, and his communications are insulting and degrading. Most of the time, he is flat-out wrong. When I show him I am right, he ignores me. I've told my manager and he does nothing about it. How should I handle this?

Your tale of two managers highlights the unacceptable antics of a bully combined with the non-confrontational antics of a weakling. This organizational combo plate leaves you as the odd person out, although these managers are the ones engaging in odd behaviors.

You need to do more than merely show the bully you are right and then allow him to ignore you. You need a firm and businesslike session with him where you go line-by-line over your correct actions. If you are passive or accommodating with this type of person, the message is that you are a doormat.

Let your own manager know that the projects that are coming from the bully are interfering with your work. Tell him that you could be far more productive if he would tell the bully to stop giving you further projects unless your manager clears them first.

Reporting to two marginal managers is the hallmark of a poorly organized company. If you meet with these managers and nothing changes in your job, you should think about a job change.

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