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Our manager sends us articles on management. Some are okay, but the most recent one was ridiculous. I know the other supervisors feel the same way about it, but when he asks them, they'll say the article was very helpful. Should I follow their politically-correct ways, or tell him what I really think?

Your manager is probably not sending you these articles so that you will learn how to say they are helpful. If you think he's that kind of manager, then you have more to rethink than the article's content.

If he truly believes these articles are important, then that's how you should approach them. If the most recent one seems to make no sense, you should mention that to your manager when he asks for your opinion.

However, this does not mean you should say the article was ridiculous. A better approach is to use questions. For example, you can indicate that a specific point seemed confusing or contradictory, and then ask if he can clarify it. As your manager answers your question, you might see that the article is not so ridiculous. And, your manager might see that you are actually thinking about what he has sent you.

Either way, by asking some intelligent questions about the article, you will be sending a message about yourself that is far more compelling than the politically-correct banter of your associates.

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