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It is most annoying to be expected to attend regular meetings when some of the people who really need to be there are rarely present. This makes the meetings a total waste of time. I have voiced this concern to management, and they agree with me, but then do nothing about it. Can anything be done?

Somewhere in time, your company lost sight of the true objective of these meetings, and now seems to hold them just for the sake of holding them.

You have already taken the best step in this matter, namely discussing your concern with management. The fact that management agreed with you and then went right on holding the same arguably useless meetings points to rigid thinking and is akin to management saying, "Yes, we agree that holding these meetings is ridiculous, and it is our unwavering intent to continue to be ridiculous."

If there is a level of management that is higher than the one you approached, a meeting with such a topsider may be worthwhile. However, if you have gone as high as you can go, or if you find that the same thinking prevails even at the most senior levels, then it is important to look at the big picture. In doing so, you will probably find many situations that parallel the thinking associated with these meetings. In a word, it does not sound like you are going to find a meeting of the minds here.

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