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When I receive awards from the company, I put them up in my office, just like most people here do. One person I work with came into my office and said that people who truly accomplish something at work don't need to put awards on their walls. He said I am doing it for my ego. What do you make of his comments?

When talking about the awards on your wall, your associate's comments were off the wall. He can attribute your behavior to whatever he would like, but that does not mean he is correct, nor does it mean you have to listen.

He is quick to toss around psychological terms, and that is typically a sign of two issues. The first is that he does not know what he is taking about, and the second is that he is probably telling you about his own insecurities, such as his jealousy.

It is not as if you filled your walls with awards that have nothing to do with work, nor have you violated a company norm that calls for awards to be tucked away in a drawer. You have had real accomplishments at work, and you are real proud of them.

You should continue whatever you are doing to merit these awards, and if you want to put more on your walls, so be it. If your co-worker spent less time criticizing the success of his co-workers, perhaps there would be something on his walls besides paint.

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